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The DVD cover


Gary Sweet

Hugo Weaving

Jim Holt

Rhys Mcconnochie

Frank Thring

Original run 16 July 1984 – 27 August 1984

Bodyline is a 1984 television miniseries which dramatised the events of the 1932–1933 English Ashes tour of Australia.

The producers were George Miller and Terry Hayes. The directors were Denny Lawrence, Lex Marinos, George Ogilve and Carl Schultz. The scriptwriters for the mini-series were Robert Caswell, Lex Marinos, Denny Lawrence and Terry Hayes. The music for the mini-series was written by Chris Neal and Phillip Scott.Photography was by Dean Semler and Andrew Lesnie.


The events leading up to the England Cricket Team's 1932-1933 Ashes tour of Australia and the tactics, of bowling directly at the batsman, used by the English cricket team to restrict the runs cored by Australian cricketer Don Bradman during the Ashes series.


  • Gary Sweet as Donald Bradman
  • Hugo Weaving as Douglas Jardine
  • Jim Holt as Harold Larwood
  •  Rhys Mcconnochie as Pelham Warner
  • Ryan Long as Bill Ponsford
  • Frank Thring as Lord Harris
  • Heather Mitchell as Edith
  • Ashok Banthia as Nawab of Pataudi
  • Ellie-Nicol Hilton as Alice Jardine
  • Julie Nihil as Jessie Bradman (Donald Bradman's wife)
  • John Gregg as Percy George Fender
  • John Walton as Bill Woodfull
  • Max Culla as Chooka (the reporter)
  • Vincent Ball as the Prime Minister
  • Colin Croft as Sir Stanley Jackson
  • Leslie Dayman as Bert Oldfield
  • John Doyle as George "Gubby" Allen
  • George Whaley as Lord Hawke
  • Celia de Burgh as Mrs. Larwood
  • Reg Gilam as Sir Clive Wigram
  • Edward Howell as Lord Hailsham
  • Paul Chubb as "Yabba"
  • Alan David Lee as Eddie Paytner
  • Peter Whitford as Robertson
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